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  • How to Remove Inaccurate Items from Your Credit Report

    Question from Delux: My score is currently a 550 and I’ve been trying to raise it but there is a few items that won’t drop off my credit report even though I’ve disputed them and provided documentation proving that it is inaccurate but yet it stays on my credit report. How do I go about…

  • How to Improve a Bad Credit Score

    Question from Henry: What are the best steps to follow in order to improve a bad credit score? Hello! Improving a bad credit score is a crucial step towards financial health and can open doors to better loan terms, lower interest rates, and more opportunities. Here are some widely-accepted practices and steps to help you…

  • Understanding Your Credit Card Repayments

    Question from Bacha: I am in Melbourne. I got AUD $15000 credit card and I have used all the money. every month it deducts nearly AUD 300. Why Hello! It sounds like you’re trying to understand why your credit card is deducting nearly AUD $300 every month. Let’s break down the basics of credit card…