30 ways to get money fast

In today’s fast-paced world, financial emergencies can strike at any moment. Whether it’s an unexpected medical bill or a sudden car repair, the need for quick cash is real. This article, aims to guide you through various legitimate ways to get money fast. One advice, go with your individual skill. Find it and leverage it to get money fast.

Let’s dive in.

1. Leveraging Online Quick Loans for Fast Cash

Quick loans online allow you to borrow money fast. This method is often quicker than traditional bank loans

  • How it Works: Apply, state your loan amount and reason, and wait for decision
  • Timeframe: Usually within a business day, in some cases longer.

Key Takeaway: Quick loans is relatively hassle-free way to secure a loan.

2. The Quick Guide to Selling Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is a popular platform for selling handmade crafts. From jewelry to home decor, you can turn your hobby into a business.

  • Pros: Creative freedom, global customer base
  • Cons: Competition, fees and commissions

Key Takeaway: Etsy allows you to monetize your creativity.

3. Making Money with Freelance Writing

How it Works

Freelance writing is a flexible and potentially lucrative way to earn money from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re skilled in blog writing, copywriting, or technical writing, there’s a market for your skills. Websites like Upwork, Fiver, and even specialized platforms like ProBlogger offer a plethora of opportunities for freelance writers. Even AI generated texts is possible to sell!

Steps to Follow

  1. Create a Portfolio: Before you start applying for gigs, it’s crucial to have a portfolio that showcases your writing style and expertise.
  2. Join Freelance Platforms: Sign up on freelance websites and create a compelling profile.
  3. Bid on Projects: Browse through the list of writing jobs and bid on projects that align with your skills.
  4. Deliver Quality Work: Once you land a project, ensure you deliver high-quality work to build a good reputation.


  • Flexibility: You can work from anywhere and set your own schedule.
  • Diverse Opportunities: From blog posts to whitepapers, the range of writing jobs is vast.
  • Direct Client Interaction: Freelance platforms allow you to interact directly with clients, giving you better control over negotiations.


  • Competition: The freelance writing market is competitive, so standing out is essential.
  • Inconsistent Income: Unlike a regular job, freelance writing doesn’t guarantee a consistent income.

Key Takeaway: Freelance writing offers a flexible way to make money, but it requires dedication, quality work, and the ability to market yourself effectively.

4. How to Make Money by Renting Your Car

Platforms like Turo allow you to rent out your car when you’re not using it.

  • How it Works: List your car, set your rates, and approve renters.
  • Timeframe: Immediate to a few days, depending on demand.

Key Takeaway: Your car can be a money-making asset when it’s not in use.

5. Mobile Phone Recycling: Turn Old Devices into Cash

How it Works

Recycling your old mobile phones can not only help the environment but also earn you some cash.

Steps to Follow

  • Collect old mobile phones.
  • Use a phone recycling service.
  • Get paid for your old devices.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Quick cash.

6. Quick Cash Through Online Surveys

Websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie pay you for your opinion.

  • How it Works: Complete surveys and earn points redeemable for cash or gift cards.
  • Timeframe: Immediate to a few days for payout.

Key Takeaway: Online surveys are a quick but modest way to earn extra cash.

7. The Gig Economy: TaskRabbit and Beyond

TaskRabbit and similar platforms offer various tasks that can pay you the same day.

  • How it Works: Sign up, choose tasks, and get paid upon completion.
  • Timeframe: Immediate.

Key Takeaway: The gig economy offers quick, flexible earning opportunities.

8. Flipping Products: A Guide to Retail Arbitrage

How it Works

Retail arbitrage is a business model that involves buying products at a discounted price and then selling them at a higher price for a profit. The concept is simple: “Buy Low, Sell High.” This can be done both online and in physical stores. For example, you might find a discounted electronic gadget in a clearance sale at a retail store and then sell it on platforms like eBay or Amazon for a higher price.

Steps to Follow

  1. Research Products: The first step is to identify products that are in demand but can be purchased at a lower price. Use tools like CamelCamelCamel to track price histories on Amazon.
  2. Source Products: Once you’ve identified potential products, go to retail stores or online platforms where these items are sold at a discount.
  3. List Products: After purchasing, list the products on selling platforms like eBay, Amazon, or even social media marketplaces.
  4. Sell and Ship: Once the product is sold, ship it to the customer and collect your earnings.


  • High Profit Margins: If done correctly, retail arbitrage can offer high profit margins.
  • Flexibility: You can do it part-time or scale it into a full-time business.
  • Low Startup Costs: Initial investment can be minimal, especially if you start with low-cost items.


  • Time-Consuming: Sourcing and listing products can be time-consuming.
  • Risk of Unsold Inventory: There’s a risk that the products you buy may not sell, leading to unsold inventory.

Key Takeaway: Retail arbitrage is a viable way to make quick money, but it requires research, investment, and a good understanding of market demand. It’s essential to start small, perhaps with products you are familiar with, and then expand as you gain experience and confidence.

9. The Power of Cashback Apps

Apps like Rakuten offer cash back for regular shopping.

  • How it Works: Shop through the app and earn a percentage back.
  • Timeframe: Usually monthly payouts.

Key Takeaway: Cashback apps offer a way to earn money on purchases you’d make anyway.

10. Investing in Stocks for Quick Returns

How it Works

Investing in stocks can offer quick returns, but it comes with its own set of risks. The stock market is volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly. Day trading or swing trading are common strategies for those looking for quick returns. Either your could learn technical analysis for which generally make money during a short timespan. Or you could try to catch breakout stocks for some fast cash.

Steps to Follow

  1. Research: Understand the market trends and identify stocks with high growth potential. Read investing books!
  2. Invest: Use a reliable trading platform to buy stocks.
  3. Monitor: Keep an eye on stock performance and market news.
  4. Sell: Sell the stock when it reaches your target price.


  • High Returns: Stocks have the potential for high returns in a short period.
  • Liquidity: Stocks are easy to buy and sell, offering good liquidity.


  • Risk: The potential for loss is as high as the potential for gain.
  • Requires Knowledge: Effective stock trading requires a good understanding of the market.

Key Takeaway: Investing in stocks for quick returns is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. It’s crucial to do your research, understand the risks, and be prepared for both ups and downs.

11. Day Trading

Day trading involves buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day. The goal is to capitalize on small price movements.

  • Pros: Potential for high returns, real-time results
  • Cons: High risk, requires constant monitoring

Key Takeaway: Day trading can be profitable but demands time and attention.

12. How to Profit from High-Interest Savings Accounts

High-interest savings accounts offer better returns than traditional savings accounts. They are an excellent way to grow your emergency fund or save for short-term goals.

  • Pros: Low risk, easy to set up
  • Cons: Lower returns compared to other investments

Key Takeaway: A high-interest savings account is a safe and easy way to earn extra cash.

13. The Art of Selling Unused Gift Cards

Have unused gift cards lying around? Websites like CardCash and GiftCash will buy them from you, offering up to 92% of the card’s value.

  • How it Works: Enter your gift card details on the website and receive an offer.
  • Timeframe: Instant to a few days, depending on the method of payment.

Key Takeaway: Selling unused gift cards is an instant way to convert unwanted items into cash.

14. Renting Your Space: A Guide to Airbnb

If you have a spare room or even an entire property, consider listing it on Airbnb for short-term rentals.

  • How it Works: Create a listing, set your price, and host guests.
  • Timeframe: Immediate, depending on demand.

Key Takeaway: Renting out space can provide a significant income boost, especially in high-demand areas.

15. How to Monetize Your Photography Skills

If you have a knack for photography, platforms like Shutterstock allow you to sell your photos.

  • Pros: Creative outlet, potential for passive income
  • Cons: Requires quality equipment, saturated market

Key Takeaway: Your photography skills can be a lucrative side hustle.

16. The Pros and Cons of Dropshipping

Dropshipping involves selling products directly from suppliers to consumers without holding inventory.

  • Pros: Low startup costs, scalable
  • Cons: Low-profit margins, supplier dependence

Key Takeaway: Dropshipping can be a low-risk entry into e-commerce.

17. Quick Cash Through Odd Jobs

Odd jobs like lawn mowing or snow shoveling can provide immediate cash.

  • Pros: Quick payment, no special skills required
  • Cons: Physically demanding, seasonal

Key Takeaway: Odd jobs are a straightforward way to earn quick cash.

18. How to Make Money by Tutoring Online

Online tutoring platforms connect you with students in need of help in subjects you excel at.

  • Pros: Flexible schedule, good pay
  • Cons: Requires expertise, may need certification

Key Takeaway: Online tutoring is both rewarding and profitable.

19. The Fundamentals of Forex Trading

Forex trading involves buying and selling currencies. It’s a 24-hour market that can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Pros: High liquidity, low entry cost
  • Cons: High risk, requires knowledge and experience

Key Takeaway: Forex trading offers a high-reward, high-risk avenue for earning money.

20. Making Money with a Side Hustle

A side hustle can be anything from pet sitting to graphic design. The key is to find something you enjoy that also pays well.

  • Pros: Extra income, flexible hours
  • Cons: Time-consuming, may interfere with primary job

Key Takeaway: A side hustle can significantly boost your income if managed well.

By exploring these methods, you can find the one that best suits your skills and needs. Whether it’s through high-interest savings accounts or freelance writing, there are numerous ways to get money fast. The key is to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

21. Get Paid for Searching the Web

How it Works

One of the simplest ways to make money is by searching the web. Websites like Qmee.com reward you for using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By installing a browser extension, you’ll see sponsored results alongside your regular search results.

Steps to Follow

  • Install the Qmee browser extension.
  • Perform your regular searches.
  • Click on the sponsored results to collect rewards.


  • No minimum cash-out limit.
  • Option to donate to charity.

22. Starting Your Own Website for Passive Income

How it Works

Creating a website can be a source of passive income. Platforms like Bluehost make it easy to start a website in less than 20 minutes. Once your website is up, you can monetize it in various ways.

Steps to Follow

  • Choose a niche and domain name.
  • Use Bluehost to set up your website.
  • Monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, or selling products.


  • Flexibility to work on your terms.
  • Potential for high earnings.

23. How to Become a Delivery Rider or Driver

How it Works

If you own a bicycle, motorbike, or car, you can make extra money by delivering food or other items. Companies like Deliveroo are always looking for new riders.

Steps to Follow

  • Sign up with a delivery company.
  • Complete the required training.
  • Start accepting delivery tasks.


  • Flexible work hours.
  • Earnings up to £16 an hour.

24. Publishing a Kindle eBook for Profit

How it Works

If you’re good at writing and researching, consider publishing a Kindle eBook. Amazon’s Kindle store allows you to list your book and earn up to 70% of the sale price.

Steps to Follow

  • Choose a topic and write your eBook.
  • Design a professional cover.
  • List your book on Amazon’s Kindle store.


  • Global market reach.
  • Passive income potential.

25. Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or social media following, you can earn money through affiliate marketing.

  • How it Works: Promote products and earn a commission on sales through your unique link.
  • Timeframe: Varies, usually monthly payouts.

Key Takeaway: Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative passive income stream.

26. The World of ‘Get Paid To’ Sites

How it Works

‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) sites offer various tasks and activities that can earn you money or vouchers.

Steps to Follow

  • Sign up for a GPT site.
  • Complete tasks like surveys, watching videos, etc.
  • Redeem your earnings.


  • Variety of tasks.
  • No special skills required.

27. Selling Second-Hand Textbooks for Quick Money

How it Works

You can sell your old textbooks, especially after the start of a new semester when demand is high.

Steps to Follow

  • Collect your old textbooks.
  • List them on platforms like Amazon Marketplace.
  • Ship them when sold.


  • Declutter your space.
  • Make quick cash.

28. Entering Competitions as a Money-Making Strategy

How it Works

Entering competitions can be a fun and potentially lucrative way to make money.

Steps to Follow

  • Find competitions to enter.
  • Follow the entry requirements.
  • Wait for the results.


  • Potential for high rewards.
  • Minimal effort required.

29. How to Profit from Your Education: Tutoring and Course Creation

How it Works

If you excel in a particular subject, you can offer tutoring services or create online courses.

Steps to Follow

  • Decide on the subject and format.
  • Market your services or course.
  • Start teaching and earning.


  • Share your knowledge.
  • Earn money while helping others.

30. Monetizing Your Skills on Fiverr for Quick Cash

How it Works

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can offer freelance services ranging from graphic design to writing to digital marketing. It’s a great platform to monetize your skills and make money quickly.

Steps to Follow

  • Create a profile on Fiverr.com.
  • List your skills and services as “Gigs.”
  • Respond to client inquiries and start working on projects.


  • Set your own rates and work schedule.
  • Wide range of categories to offer your services in.
  • Quick payment upon project completion.

<strong>Key Takeaway</strong>: Fiverr offers a flexible and quick way to earn money by leveraging your skills.